IMPOD V0.1 [2012]

IMPersonating Overhead Display - Helmet with LED's and Rotor

IMPOD creates the perfect mix between reality and virtuality through its special design implementation of the vortex-technology (tm)

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IMPOD is an ironic take on the invasion of the peronal communication devices into our lives and their time consuming requirements that let the user be detatched to their outside world, even though they are communicating with it.

IMPOD lets the wearer communicate with the surrounding through the POV-Display (see here a more sophisticated version of a working POV-Display: link)the rotor creates around the head. But its physical dynamics makes every bystander a potential victim. And thus the wearer only the more seperated from the rest of the world.


The idea for this device originated 2007 (concept paper in german), and it was simmering all this time on low priority somewhere in my subconsiousness, until I found the time to actually make it happen. The result here is the first working prototype, created at the anyma research week 2012.

Unfortunately, the chosen motor turned out not to be strong enough, so the POV-effect is only bearly visible: there is definitly room for improvements.


  • Many thanks to Michael Egger [] for his fabulous inititative and helpfullness.
  • This initial design is based on the spokePOV-kit for bicycles from ladyada.

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