KreuzerSonate [2015]

Videoprojection / Animation for theater

The theater piece is an adaption of a story by Lew Tolstoy with music from Beethoven. (Learn more about it here)

click on pic for more pics (images courtesy of kollektiv-20-14)

Michèle Hirsig came up with a simple but ingenious stage design, which was based on two rectangular screens, each on a hinge so it could be opend and closed for the different acts. My task was to create the black and white animations and the video mapping for the different positions of the screens.

For this stage design I used for the first time the new SPARCS Framework, which allowed for a lot more flexibility than standard approaches to videomapping. This was especially usefull because the piece was shown in three different venues, each with its own challenges: in two cases the spectators were looking down on the stage, while in the third case the spectators were looking up to the stage. To make sure the perspective illusions worked for all the cases, the new frameworks toolset allowed the useage of a virtual projector which could be adjusted depending on the point of view of the spectators.

the animations I created were designed and animated with Blender, my most favourite tool.


Posdnyschew: René Grünenfelder

Piano: Yulia Miloslavskaya / Violin: Arata Yumi

Director & Script: Sarah Bellin

Stage design & Projection: Michèle Hirsig, Martin Fröhlich

German: Anja Habermehl, Jochen Hofer

Video: Calike

Technic: Marius Vontobel

Grafic: Laurent Rueff

Production: Michèle Hirsig for kollektiv-20-14

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