Natebu Two (2009)

3D tracking instrument

2009 maybites asked Roland Brönnimann - the developer of the original natebuboard - to have a spare one to create a new instrument with some switches and buttons and stuff.

The result of it was natebu two

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Natebu Two is based on the famous natebu board which has 64 IR-sensors / IR leds / leds built in, and can track hand gestures between a distance of 10 to 60cm with high accuracy and 25 frames/second. It has a custom built aluminium frame with 16 switches, 2 potentiometers, 2 rotary switches, one pushbutton and two jack-plugs for attaching more external buttons

The software has a calibration sequence on startup in order to get a sense of the room and is able to filter out the influence of ac-lightsources.

Natebu board is based on the arduino MEGA board.

created by maybites and Roland Brönnimann

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