px1m0d [2005 - today]

a multifunctional light interface


px1M0d (pixelmod - short for pixelmodulator) is a 8x8 matrix of 64 lamps. Each lamp and can be unplugged and plugged into another lamp-socket, in four different directions.

The initial motivation was to create a low-resolution display matrix out of lamps found in a rubbish dump. The additional interface functions (replugging, direction sensing, lamp identificatio and un-pressing) were added in order to make it a haptic experience, a possibility to manipulate a pixel, which is usually behind the screen and out of reach for physical handling.

Px1m0d’s concept was created without any special purpose in mind. Since its first creation it has moved through 3 different electronical design itserations, culminating in a very sofisticated software that allows to use it as highly customizable interface.


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