Showroom Richti Areal [2010]

3D mapping projection installation

In june 2010 projektil asked maybites to take the lead for the showroom richti areal. Commissioned by allreal and designed by oos, the showroom needed a technical solution for the multidimensional experience that was required.

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The centerpiece of the showroom is an architectural model, onto which a sophisticated 3d mapping projection from 5 HD-Beamer is beeing projected. The rooms atmosphere and the animation of the projection can be controlled by an iPad. It was by far the most challenging projects so far realized by maybites.

By the way: This installation is open for public and can be visited during its regular opening hours. You can find all infos on where it is located and when its open here.


credits for 3D mapping projection

created by maybites

produced by

idea and concept: Martin Fröhlich & Roman Beranek

technical and artistical lead: Martin Fröhlich

project management: Jonas Staub / Martin Fröhlich

programming: Philip Colombo / Tobias Hoffmann / Martin Fröhlich

3d modelling: Simon Broggi

animation: Simon Broggi / Martin Fröhlich

powered by:

and many thanks go to the team at oos for their patient support

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