vine [2010]

an interactive projection installation

In april 2010 projektil asked maybites to develop an idea of an interactive installation at the mlove confest in Halle, near Berlin, Germany.

Together with Simon Broggi, an experienced game designer, the concept of an interactive vine was developed: With the help of their mobiles the users were able to grow (green), sustain(blue) and destroy(red) the vine as they were pleased.

A videocamera recorded the users and an openframeworks application helped tracking the mobile displays. The data was sent to the game engine, in which the game was running, and 5 Beamer were used to wrap the castle into its output.

The installation was shown a second time on a different facade at the NARRACJE Visual Arts Festival in Gdansk.  


created by maybites and simon broggi

produced by

idea and concept: Martin Fröhlich & Simon Broggi

project management: Jonas Staub

technical and artistical lead: Martin Fröhlich

3d modelling: Simon Broggi

animation: Simon Broggi

programming: Simon Broggi / Andi Ahlm / Martin Fröhlich

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